Case “Fonts”



Mobile App for change default font

Target: SA

Keywords:  fonts, keyboard, cool fonts, fonts for iphone, fonts keyboard

Starting positions:

fonts – 191

keyboard – 281

cool fonts – 74

fonts for iphone – 182

fonts keyboard – 96

General vision of boost and weekly retention according to AppFollow:

Hold as agreed:

What do we have

Immediately after the start of the main keywords, a little up secondarily keywords:

Applyzer Data:


Unfortunately, boost got into technical work at ASODesk and it was not possible to take off positions every day.

Happy End

Everything worked out clearly and without incidents; the presence of content editor in the first place in the top for key queries did not affect the promotion of the application.

All the keys worked out clearly, at the time of writing the case, the work with all the keys was finalized, the hardest work will continue.

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