Case “crypto wallet”



Mobile App “Crypto Wallet”

Targeting: UK / AU / CA

keywords:  bitcoin, blockchain, bitcoin wallet, blockchain wallet, crypto wallet
starting positions: 50-100 all keys in all location

The general state of boost by location:

UK : 

AU : 

A day after start of the boost, the Canadian store reacted by pessimizing application, part of the keys received -100 positions penalties, part -200 positions, part remained in place, it was decided to change geo from CA to RU.

Application for keyword “bitcoin”, as it was in top 10, remains today, it has glued.

As you can see, sanctions are over and application is already returning to normal positions even higher than they were before impact.

In RU, everything went smoothly:

The categories did not aim especially, but I’ll give a diagram

The End

Before boost in UK and CA it didn’t shine at all, Canada would will be rise over time, but I think app has settled steadily in UK / RU.
The result: (in fact, and not according to external services) application was in top one week for selected keys with slight fluctuations of one or two places and everything kept within boundaries of top 1-2. Add a couple of days to fulfill agreed conditions and celebrate a successful case.
For all keys and geo’s obligations fulfilled, this burst could be considered ideal if it were not for the situation with the Canadian store. Unfortunately, such situations cannot be predicted.
Conclusion: Different services show statistics in different ways, be prepared for the fact that the desired is not entirely valid and that it is a paid account without dependence or not. Calculate your marketing strategy well in advance.

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