Case “VPN”



Mobile App “VPN” client

Targeting: UK

keywords:  free vpn, vpn free unlimited, proxy, vpn uk, vpn free

starting positions:
free vpn — 87
vpn free unlimited — 45
proxy — 54
vpn uk — 95
vpn free — 81

General state of promotion and weekly retention according to AppFollow:

what have

During the hold, the whole week there were fluctuations +/- one two places, hard free vpn key did not want to fall into place. If you took an even more very hard vpn key, this would lead to a higher cost of work.


By category, the statistics for the total came this:


in fact (not for external services) the application was in the top week for the first week by key:

vpn uk – 7 days Top1
free vpn – 2 days Top2
vpn free – 4 days Top1, 3 days Top2
proxy – 5 days Top1, 2 days Top2
vpn free unlimited – 1 day Top1, 6 days Top2

Unfortunately, I can’t provide statistics on number of downloads received since the customer did not give access to statistics. But we can assume that based on the average traffic score of these keys in category of a total of ~ 5.6k daily requests, with an average ratio of estimated installs of ~ 7%, this amounts to approximately ~ 400 organic installations of the application daily.

is not end

Based on fact that agreed Top1 was not fully implemented, a decision was made to extend free of charge until it reached its obligations.

Hint: actually it’s more profitable to get Top2, since users who choose application for vpn usually download first two or three of results for comparison and testing, as a fact you get all users that when you are in the Top1 position, but twice as much time.

The overall picture of subsequent retention:

In fact, we get:
vpn uk – 7 days Top1
vpn free – 7 days Top1
proxy – 7 days Top1
free vpn – 3 days Top2
vpn free unlimited – 3 days Top1, 8 days Top2

For all keys, the obligations are met with the exception of free vpn, we will keep it further.

Conclusion: different services show statistics in different ways, be prepared for the fact that the desired is not entirely valid. Order the output of the application to the top only from professionals.

The End

on screen above, paid period is highlighted in red, period that was held in blue in order to comply with warranty obligations. and result two weeks after stop of all services – application has glued and all keys are in top 3 and continues to receive organic traffic for free.

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