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Keywords Boosts Service

Boosts your mobile app for the TOP-1 of the selected keyword or associated keywords list

AppStore Keywords Boosts
Price for 7 days sustaining
GEO Pack Top – 1
1st Grade
United States (US) 1 Keywords $3`840
Japan (JP) 5 Keywords $14`400
10 Keywords $21`600
20 Keywords $28`800
50 Keywords $43`200
100 Keywords $57`600
2nd Grade
Russia (RU) 1 Keywords $1`440
United Kingdom (UK) 5 Keywords $4`200
Germany (DE) 10 Keywords $5`760
Australia (AU) 20 Keywords $8`280
Canada (CA) 50 Keywords $10`800
France (FR) 100 Keywords $21`600
South Korea (KR)
Taiwan (TW)
Italy (IT)
3rd Grade
Spain (ES) 1 Keywords $960
Brazil (BR) 5 Keywords $2`280
India (IN) 10 Keywords $3`840
Indonesia (ID) 20 Keywords $6`480
Mexico (MX) 50 Keywords $8`520
New Zealand (NZ) 100 Keywords $11`760
South Africa (ZA)
Thailand (TX)
Hong Kong (HK)
Israel (IL)
Malaysia (MY)
Saudi Arabia (SA)
United Arab Emirates (AE)
Turkey (TR)
Vietnam (VN)
Norway (NO)
Singapore (SG)
Sweden (SE)
Switzerland (CH)
4th Grade
Argentina (AR) 1 Keywords $660
Colombia (CO) 5 Keywords $1`800
Poland (PL) 10 Keywords $2`400
Slovenia (SL) 20 Keywords $3`480
Austria (AT) 50 Keywords $4`920
Belgium (BE) 100 Keywords $9`360
Brunei (BN)
Chile (CL)
Croatia (HR)
Dominican Republic (DO)
Egypt (EG)
Finland (FI)
Greece (GR)
Ireland (IE)
Netherlands (NL)
Philippines (PH)
Slovakia (SK)
Venezuela (VE)
Belarus (BY)
Kazakhstan (KZ)
Denmark (DK)
Kuwait (KW)
Macau (MO)
Pakistan (PK)
Ukraine (UA)


Why do I need TOP Overall?

Your app gets placed on the highest positions of TOP Overall when it receives more installations during last 24 hours. The highest positions at TOP Overall bring you tons of organic installs from users who browse App Store in search for new applications.

Our PUSH-technology easily boosts your app to the TOP 10 or TOP 25 Overall by generating required amount of motivated (incentive) installs. We start our work three days before the date you need your app at the TOP. Incentive traffic can be useful only if your goal is about reaching TOP Overall with your free app.


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With over 6 years of experience in mobile marketing service, our team has created over 200 campaigns services at Whole World.

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